Specifications of Bresaola Bordoni
Bresaola beef is characterized by its bright red color.
When cut it is thick yet lean, surprising the palate
with its delicate, fat-free taste.
Bresaola made from horse meat is easily
distinguished by its deep red color.
It is lightly salted to avoid altering too much the
strong flavor that is typical of this meat variety,
making it the ideal choice for lovers of strong flavors.
... join you at the kitchen table
Bresaola Bordoni is a cured meat perfectly suited for the whole family
because its many nutritional qualities find favor among the most
diverse consumers, drawing them to the kitchen table thanks
to its typical rich taste and unmistakable aroma.
Its properties are, in fact, closely tied to its high nutritional value
and the ease with which it is digested. Indeed, dieticians
recommend its consumption for children, the elderly
and sportspeople in particular.
Being low in fat and calor ies and very rich
in protein, minerals and vitamins,
... to keep in shape
Bresaola Bordoni is an excellent nourishment for those who want to keep in shape.
Children love it for its delicate flavor that, at the same time, caters to the needs
of mothers who want to provide their children with wholesome
foods to support their healthy growth.
People in general, but especially the elderly, love it because it is a
charcuterie that fits in fully with their nutritional requirements
dictated by their need to consume these foods with
particularly high nutritional characteristics.
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