Located at the foot of green mountains of Valtellina and immersed in a healthy alpine climate, Salumificio Bordoni produces the bresaola according to a traditional recipe, reminiscent of ancient flavors. As well as being a family-run business, its distinctive feature is the everyday ability to blend its traditional background with the most advanced processing plants, while maintaining unaltered the typical aroma of this meat and producing a high quality product that is deeply rooted in the lands whence it hails from. Bresaola is the result of the passion and meticulousness that the Bordoni brothers have put into every stage of production, starting from the selection of raw materials, carefully chosen among the finest meat available on the market. Thanks to the commitment to quality, sheer hard work and long-standing family experience handed down from father to son, Salumificio Bordoni has gained a leading position in the cured meat processing industry.
The success of the Bresaola Bordoni, which originates from the need of farmers to preserve the meat, can be attributed to the particular climate of the valley. In fact, the dry and well-ventilated weather conditions, the evenly balanced temperatures, as well as the altitude and fresh mountain air all favor the meat maturation process. Indeed, the meat is made to dry by using small amounts of salt, thus preserving its original taste and tenderness. Bresaola embodies all the hallmarks of the Valtellina region and for this very reason it has been awarded the coveted "Protected Geographical Indication" (PGI) by the EU. This seal of quality guarantees that consumers are being served a cured meat that is both genuine and processed according to tradition. Its properties are, in fact, closely tied to its high nutritional value and the ease with which it is digested. Indeed, dieticians recommend its consumption for children, the elderly and sportspeople in particular. In fact, the choice of raw materials and processing methods yield a lean food, low in calories and extremely rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. In addition, bresaola lends itself to the most imaginative and creative culinary combinations: whether sampled by itself or seasoned with olive oil and lemon, it makes a perfect match to the most different combinations of modern cuisine.
By heeding tradition and showing its love for genuine foods, Bordoni produces the true bresaola of the Valtellina.
According to an old recipe, the dried beef comes from the use of select lean beef with a unique taste.
The pure, unadultered air of the mountains of Valtellina contribute to make bresaola a real treat for the palate.
Guaranteed by the PGI trademark awarded by the EU.
After a thorough process of selection and control of raw materials, Bresaola Bordoni is made from the finest leg cuts of beef or horse. These are then trimmed to remove fat and to give them a typical cylindrical shape. The most important stage of the process is the curing which confers Bresaola its fine qualities and its unique aromatic aftertaste. During this operation the pieces of meat are placed in special tanks, sprinkled with salt and natural flavors, and patiently massaged to allow them to penetrate into the thigh muscle.
These very same natural flavors are the secret ingredient that makes Bresaola so special, given that the dosage is jealously guarded in the mind and know-how of the Bordoni brothers and has been passed down from generation to generation. Then, after about a fortnight, the curing period is over. The Bresaola is stuffed into natural gut casings and hung to dry to gradually reduce the moisture. Finally, it is aged for a period between four and eight weeks depending on size, until it concludes its maturation and is then ready for tasting.
A member of the Consortium for the protection of the name of Bresaola from Valtellina that was established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Salumificio Bordoni regularly submits the raw material and finished product to continuous and accurate laboratory tests analyzing sensory, microbiological, chemical and physical properties, and complies with specific rules of hygiene. The constant desire to stay abreast of the changing times, and to meet customer needs in terms of food safety and product quality has meant that the Company has been awarded several prizes at international level: compliance with IFS (International Food Standard) and FSGS (Global Standard for Food Safety - formerly BRC) requirements. Moreover, the system of food safety management at Salumificio Bordoni is certified according to UNI EN ISO 22000:2005.
Thanks to its carefully-studied packaging and shipping procedures, the company is able to supply each customer across every market in a short time. In addition, through a rigorous system of labeling, it guarantees its consumers a realtime traceability all along the production and supply chain: from the place of origin of raw materials, to the composition of ingredients up to a specific batch of reference.
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